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As an interior designer, I have always been passionate about creating beauty by simply looking at things a little differently. After years of shooting in film, I rediscovered my passion, by studying a full time course in digital photography. I am amazed at how my camera has become an extension of my own true self; I view life in all its beauty when Im behind it... I travel the world now, to capture images and showcase what I love to do!

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Digital photography, video and photo editing.

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Just some unimportant funstuff and information I gather during my exciting photographic journey.

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I offer the following freelance photography services and options:

Interior photoshoot
As a qualified interior designer, I have a keen eye for what makes an image sell, whether architecture or interiors of any kind. I take aesthetically pleasing images that are accurate representations of what the design of it is.
My aim is to capture my model or group`s personality by creating images in a asetting that resonates with them, whether in my studio, or in a natural surrouding that will set their images apart from any other.
Lifestyle photoshoot
I like to capture people and events, locally, and also abroad in their natural settings, true to who they are, as an inspiration to celebrate life in all its beauty and creativity.
Travel photoshoot
My passion is to travel and to capture images of different countries and its people and customs, by recreating the feeling of a time and place, and doing so in a unique vision of perhaps previously viewed scenes and landmarks.
Product/Studio photoshoot
By providing innovative studio images, I place products in the ideal creative context, helping it to reach it`s full advertising and visual potential.

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082 856 2030
Johannesburg, South Africa